We want "Your Opinion"

 Boys in a Relationship

What do you think about boys who pretend to like something for their girlfriends? Do you think that makes the relationship better for both of them, or do you think that makes the relationship untruthful, and will make the relationship crash and burn? Tell us here at What you want Wiki what you think. Post your opinions in the comment section of this page.

5th Grade Dating

Hello everybody, and I have a new opinion for you guys. What do you guys think of dating in the fifth grade. It's an issue in my school. Do you think it's a good opportunity to find a soulmate, or do you think it is innaproppriate and it takes away from school. Post your opinion in the comments.

Gender Together

Hello,People and I have a new opinion for you guys. Can boys and girls be friends? It is a big debate in my school. Is it a good thing to be friends with the opposite gender,or is it innappropriate? You decide. Post your opinion in the comments.

Appropriate for Readers 7- 12

Hello people of the Earth I am back and got a new opinion for you all. Is Twilight a good or bad influence on 7-12 year olds? Do you think it is a good fantasy story for kids or do you think it is to much of contemporary novel for kids you choose! Post your opinion in the comments.

'Is age just a number ?'
'Drinking, Driving etc...'

Hello,People I have a question two  to ask.. and lately, it has being in the news quire a lot lately.. so 1. What do you think is the appropriate age that people should be driving, in your country. Note it is different for everyone. and related to that, should there be an age, where people should take test to show that they are confident and suitable to drive in YOUR COUNTRY . and the second Question is, DRINKING..  In your country, what do you think is the suitable age for People to be drinking. 18 or 21. Note Australian's are allowed to drink at the age of 18.

To Young?
Phones,Make Up, and Clothes
Fashion by Fashion KazNAI

Hello,People and I have a new opinion for you guys. This is mainly for the girls, and to me i think it is a big issue. How young to young to have a phone ??? grade 5, so 10 years old ? what do you think, I think you should get your first phone when you go into high school, so around year 8 or 9. Then there's clothing these day more and more girls and wearing ridiculous clothing for their age, for example should a 10 year old be wearing a skirt up to the BUM ??? and a tank top ??? and then there's make up !! Ladies/Girls, you have beautiful skin, you don't need to rewind it at young age? Do you think is the appropriate age to be wearing make up, tank stops, and having a mobile phone. ??The reason why I bring it up is because I go to an all girls school and I see girls in grade 4 having a mobile phone ( iPhone 4s or 5) and their uniform... let me just tell you; Very inappropriate for their age  I think this is a BIG issue, let me think I might be wrong. So leave your opinion in the comments.

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