Hi!! My name is Luna. But most of my friends call me Hermione or Kim.(Call me Kimberly I will kill you.) I have been a wikian since about March last year. I started out on the kickin it wiki, then came out with my own wiki, the Tom Sawyer wiki. Then I joined the Harry Potter Wiki, in January this year, then in May I went to the NightClan wiki, and the StormClan Wiki and became Chat moderator. Recently (as in this past week) I've joined the Hogwarts and Wizarding World Roleplay Wiki, and the Eeveelutions wiki(I'm a sylveon), and yesterday I became an admin and chat moderator on this wiki (What you want wiki) and I'd have to say that I think this is going to be a very successful wiki. P.s. I'm a huge potterhead. P.p.s. please check out my Tom Sawyer Wiki, I only have 3 users, and ive had it since October.


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