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Disney Tween Collection

New Disney Tween Collection! There are a bunch of new Disney D-signed collections that are hitting the shelves of stores everywhere! The collections are sold in sizes 4-16 and each collection will be sold for three months, then a new collection for three months, and so on. Some of the inspirations are Sonny Monroe, from Sonny With A Chance, acted by Demi Lavato. Another inspiration is Alex Russo from Wizards Of Waverly Place, acted by Selena Gomez. The first collection will come out August 1st, which is a perfect time for back-to-school shopping! A couple outfits are seen here: Disney Tween Clothing Line . (6/22/13)


Justice Clothing

Justice Clothing is a very popular girls clothing store! They have the most adorable clothing! They have shorts, jeans, skirts, tanks, ect. The shirts are halarious and have a lot of humor. If you need an outfit for anything, justice has it! They have everything, dresses for a dinner, jogging pants for a run, shorts for your basketball practice, and even bathing suits for your swim meet! Come shop at justice, and you wont regret it! See: I Love Justice Clothing (6/22/13)

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