Name: Amy

Job: Beta,Fashionista,and Admin, Advice culum and Fun cakes. 

Age: 10-20

Location: Over the rainbow

About Me: I'm a lovable Teen Girl that loves disney :), Im Australian, I love to Watch Tv,Cook Deserts, and Play Sports, exspecially Cricket, Give me any sport and I will try it, Im that in love that I will do anything to do exercise (when I want to) lol,when I'm not in the Kitchen cooking up some lovley cakes for my family. 



Name: Raden

Job: Fashionista,Stories,and Tech Admin.

Age: 10-20

Location: Far west past the pot of gold.

About Me:I like to be me and I don't take crap from anyone, I love to read (I read as much as I can) and I love my family.



Name: Jess

Job: Fashionista,and Q&A Admin.

Age: 10-20

Location: Around the corner and down the road.

About Me: I like to sing, dance, write, write music, play music, draw, read but it has to be a certain book. I will answer any question you have.



Name: Kamella

Job: Fashionista,and Advice Admin.

Age: 10-20

Location: Far west past the pot of gold (with you raden)

About Me: I am cool and fun and I love to write stories, singing and talk to other people when I'm traveling with my parents!



Known As: FashionGal

Job: Fashionista,and Fashion Admin.

Age: 10-20

Location: The biggest closet in the world.



Name: Luna

Job: Fashionista,and A boys opinion Admin.

Age: 10-20

Location: Around the corner and down the road (with Jess).

About Me: Well, I really like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. I live in Calafornia. I'm a local writer of kids stories at my local library. I want to have a career in singing. I love to read. My favorite show are kickin it doctor who and duck dynasty. My favorite store is Books-A-Million. And I have another wiki that I founded called Tom Sawyer Wiki.



Name: Cinder

Job: Fashionista,and Fashion Admin .

Age: 10-20

Location: Around the corner and down the road (with Jess,and luna). Note:SUPER SWEET

About Me:I play basketball, and I'm doing cheer and soccer along with that next year. I like singing and dancing and writing fanfics and I'm an artist in training.

The Boys of "What You Want"

Job:Tech Admin
The Brain by soulfinder90(2)

I love doing my jobs on wikia and I love source coding.I have a big family. I really want this wiki to do well and I hope everyone has a good time. I also love the book series Michael Vey.

Job:Photo Admin

I have lots of friends and love bibleman and really want to bring something good to this wiki.I have really good friends and a nice family and I really want more and more people to come to see how good this wiki really is .

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